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Looking for an affordable website? Don’t click off this page!

Hey! Since you’ve found your way here you MUST be looking for an affordable, well designed and mobile friendly website.

The websites I develop use extremely responsive customised themes that allow you to have the most responsive WordPress based site possible.

What is the development process?

After first contact, I’ll ask you for some basic design questions such as:

  • What is your blog/ business about?
  • What colour schemes do you want your website to have?
  • Do you have any logos for the website?
  • Do you have any content that you want to go on the website?
  • What features/ pages do you want on your website?
  • Do you require the domain to be purchased, hosting to be done or any other server-configuration?

After these questions, I’ll then start to make a basic prototype of your website – on a test server.

Once the first prototype is complete, I will send you the link and we can then start live critiquing and revising the website until you are 100% happy with the final product.


  • Upto 5 Pages
  • Designed to your specific needs
  • Optional Media Gallery/ Portfolio
  • Optional Blog
  • No Sitemap
  • Phone/ tablet Compatible
  • Google Maps Support
  • Minimal Search Engine Optimization
  • Minimal Website security
  • Basic Technical support
  • Minimal Website statistic feedback
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Designed to your specific needs
  • Optional Media Gallery/ Portfolio
  • Optional Blog
  • Sitemap
  • Phone/ tablet Compatible
  • Google Maps Support
  • Full Search Engine Optimization
  • Improved Website security
  • Priority Technical support
  • Full Website statistic feedback

What is WordPress?

WordPress allows you to easily edit and add content to your site in the future with a really easy to use interface – it just simply doesn’t require any technical knowledge to keep your site up to date!

How can I learn to use WordPress?

When the website is complete I will give you a username and password that you’re free to change.

This will allow you to log into the WordPress dashboard. Here you can edit existing content and add new content such as media, blog posts, portfolio projects etc.

This is extremely similar to a word processor and requires no advanced technological knowledge.

How long should I expect to wait for my Website?

Typical turn around times for your first draft of the website is around 1-2 weeks.

After that, revisions and edits can take anywhere from a day to a couple months depending on your changing needs, requirements & wants!

Will I own my website when it's done, or will you have some crafty ownership still?

I can either register a domain for you in your name, or use a domain that is already registered.

I can also either host the website for you, or use a hosting site that you already have.

In reference to the source code (the code that makes the website run) I will have no ownership over that once the website has been completed and thus you can have full access to this code.

There are no dodgy deals going on here!

How many revisions can I have?

On all website plans, you can have as many revisions as possible until you’re 100% happy with the way your site works and looks.

Sometimes it takes numerous changes till you fall in love with your site.. and sometimes it’s a love at first SITE situation!*

*Sorry for the terrible pun. It was just too punny…

Do you convert non-WordPress sites to WordPress?

Yes! I can do this for you.

There is a FLAT £99 fee for this, (it still requires the site to be recoded from the ground up) and you may be able to get a couple of improvements to your site chucked in there too!

Hey Toby, I've got more questions for you!

I’d love to answer any other questions you’ve got. Feel free to message me here


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