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About Me

What do you want to know?

What is “amluto” about?

amluto, the name itself was created by my lovely Nana. She put together the first two letters from her 3 grandchildren in chronological order.. Amy, Lucy & Toby & voila! you get amluto!
It’s a great name and a friendly place to be.

What do I do for work?

I’m a Student. A Computer Science Student in Swansea University just starting my 3rd year!
I’m also a website manager for multiple domains

See My Website Work

Tell me some basics..

Name: Toby Cook
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Occupation: Technical Analyst
Typical Online Handle: TheOvenCook

What do you want to do after University?

I’d love to work in the software development industry. I have interest in software development, software testing, network management and many other aspects of computer science.

What are your top 5 hobbies?

As I’m currently studying at University, I find time to dedicate myself to extra curricular projects outside of school work & my part time job.

Hey Toby… What’s your plan financially?

Work hard, save hard & die with a penny in my pocket.
How do I plan on going about this?
This video should give you a basic understanding.

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